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Concrete Paint Striping

Creating clean and clear lines and striping

Has your concrete paint lost its color and sheen? Then maybe it’s time to strip it off and get a new coat painted. At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we are reputed Bellingham asphalt specialists. We can visit your office or industrial property and strip your concrete paint for you.

Please contact us to schedule an office or industrial visit.

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Make your workplace a safe space for employees

Concrete paint strips are essential to maintain safety on the production floor and in the warehouse. Your employees may use forklifts or moving vans within the factory floor, making it a dangerous place. A bright strip of paint can tell your staff where they need to go and in which direction they need to move.

Additionally, many types of concrete paints act as a protective barrier, keeping your concrete floors safe from chipping, cracking, and erosion. This is especially beneficial in commercial parking lots and driveways, where chipped concrete flooring can be a safety hazard. Some types of paint are also chemical-resistant. So, any chemical spills in your plant or hospital won’t affect the integrity of your concrete floor.

So, make your workplace safer for your employees by having old concrete paint stripped and a new strip applied. Our Whatcom County paint striping experts can visit your commercial space and strip your concrete floors. Concrete paint striping and repainting takes just a few hours and you can resume full operations in no time.

Did you know that concrete paint striping can keep your utility bills down and increase your efficiency?

Apart from safety, concrete striping can also make your operations more efficient by reducing on-the-floor errors and bottlenecks. Bright concrete paint reflects light very well, reducing the need for numerous lighting features. So you can save a lot on your electricity bills by getting old concrete paint stripped and doing a new paint job.

This increased visibility also makes it easier for your staff to see where they need to go, preventing accidents and bottlenecks. Now you can maintain a schedule and ensure your operations are on time.

Plus, many concrete paints are easy to clean. A simple wipe can get them to shine. This will reduce the amount you spend on office and factory cleaning services.

Transform your dull factory into a lively workspace

Let’s face it. A good coat of paint can really elevate the look of your workplace. If you have concrete walkways, patios, staircases, and hard landscaping, then painting can make them aesthetically great.

So go ahead and contact us at Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt. We’ll visit your property, strip the old concrete paint, apply a new coat and transform the look of your workplace.

Types of paints we can work with

At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we can work on the following types of paint:

  • Latex paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Epoxy paint
  • Epoxy terrazzo paint
  • Alkyd enamel paint
  • Thermoplastic paints
  • Water paints/stains
  • Chlorinated rubber paint
  • Reflective paint
  • Masonry paint
  • Primer
  • Polyaspartic paint

We can work on asphalt surfaces too

At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we also offer asphalt paint striping service. Whether you need the cracks in your asphalt paint strips sealed or you want a custom asphalt paint job done, you can trust our experts for premium-quality work. Our team is highly experienced and can give you a great finish.

Contact us for more information. You can also schedule residential concrete and asphalt paint striping services.

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