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Landscaping Installation

Our professional lawn team can help you transform your landscape

Now that your soil is prepared, and the design is all set, it is time to plant!

At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we deliver the best landscaping installation Bellingham has to offer. We are fully equipped to install commercial lawns of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to know more about this service.

Landscaping Installation Bellingham

Go the traditional route with hydroseeding

Want to grow a lawn from scratch? Then you should definitely go the conventional way and seed the lawn. Seeding is a great way to grow a healthy and fresh lawn. It also offers you the opportunity to customize the lawn as you want. You can mix and match different grasses, change the shape of your lawn, and add as many types of plants and shrubs as you want. The best part of seeding is that you can use the seed to fill up empty patches in your existing lawn. The new lawn won’t look out-of-place.

We use a specialized technique called hydroseeding, which is extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective. This technique involves spraying a mixture of grass seeds and mulch onto the lawn area. It’s a very quick process and can be completed in a few hours. Since the mixture (called a slurry) supports the fast growth of seeds, the soil is held in place by strong roots much faster, and there is a limited chance of wind or water erosion. With hydroseeding, you can begin to see small tufts of grass in a few days. At Ruben’s Landscape & Asphalt we are the trusted experts at landscaping installation in Bellingham.

Instant lawns for instant makeovers

If you don’t want to wait weeks for your grass to grow, you can ask our experts to install sod.

Sod is a layer of pre-grown grass that can be rolled on the ground like a carpet. This grass is young, fresh, and healthy. Plus, it will continue to grow where it is laid. This is a great way to get an instant lawn

If you’re not really keen on natural grass and want a grass look-alike that’s really pocket-friendly, then you should get an astroturf installed. This is artificial grass and it hardly has any lawn care needs. It can be installed in a matter of a few hours, and you’ll have a beautiful, lush lawn by the end of the day.

Both sod and astroturf can be cut to the exact dimensions of your property. Contact us to know more about them.

Landscaping Installation Bellingham

Leave lawn drainage and irrigation to us

The longevity and health of a lawn depend on irrigation and drainage. Before we install the lawn, we will first set up a drainage and irrigation system for you. From French drains to flush sprinklers, we have numerous types of irrigation and drainage systems that you can choose from. These systems are designed to reduce your overall water usage and make your lawn as sustainable as possible.

Give us a call to schedule a commercial lawn installation service. Our landscaping installation in Bellingham and the surrounding cities are professionally installed at an affordable price.

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