Commercial Lawn Care

Ensuring your property looks its best all year long

Your lawn is one of the biggest and grandest accessories of your office space. It is the first thing visitors, and prospective employees see of your company. How your lawn is developed and maintained can have a very large impact on your business success. After all, most people believe what you see is what you get.

That’s why it is important to get your lawn regularly maintained by experts. With our many years of experience in lawn installation and lawn maintenance, we provide the best commercial lawn care Bellingham has to offer.

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Commercial Lawn Care Bellingham

A custom-designed lawn awaits

The design of your lawn speaks volumes about your company and its values. Our team at Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt can help you design a lawn that showcases your corporate strengths and uniqueness.

We are specialists in hydroseeding. This is an eco-friendly way to plant a lawn, and it’s also supremely cost-effective. With hydroseeding, you can have a lush lawn that’s well-watered, full of essential nutrients, and not vulnerable to erosion.

As part of our lawn maintenance, we can also lime your soil. This will provide essential minerals to your soil, increase its pH level, and make it more alkaline. This will improve the overall quality of your lawn and increase its longevity.

Don’t want to wait too long for your new lawn?

That is okay. With sod installation, you can get an instant lawn that’s pleasing to the eyes and easy to maintain. We source our sod from the most reputed growers to ensure your new lawn remains healthy for years.

We also do sod maintenance. If your sod lawn is patchy or old, we can fix or re-install a new sod lawn for you. We cover all your needs with our premier commercial lawn service in Bellingham.

Commercial Lawn Service Bellingham

A timely lawn manicure can save you a lot of trouble

Grass grows very fast. In fact, some types of grass require mowing every ten days. If you don’t mow your lawn or rake your fallen leaves at regular intervals, the grass can dry up and form a layer of thatch. Too much thatch can prevent moisture from entering the soil and dry up your lawn bed. If this happens, your lawn won’t grow as it should.

We can send our trained and qualified staff to mow & rake your lawn and dethatch it. We can also aerate your lawn to help water, air, and nutrients flow into the ground. Our commercial lawn services in Bellingham are top-notch. We will ensure your lawn is growing and looking its best.

Lawn maintenance you can always count on

At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we also provide weed removal services. Not only can these weeds make your lawn aesthetically unappealing, but they can also affect the quality of your grass, flowers, and trees. With regular commercial lawn care, you can get rid of weeds and ensure your lawn looks healthy and beautiful.

We work with numerous companies, providing scheduled commercial lawn care in Bellingham. You can partner with us for weekly or bi-monthly lawn maintenance. We also provide lawn maintenance services for residential properties. Contact us for more information.