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Miscellaneous Services

Our Landscaping and Maintenance teams can do it all!

Outdoor structures:

From gazebos, conservatories to outdoor kitchens, we can design and build a custom range of outdoor structures for your commercial property. Our team will visit your property, understand its aesthetic style and design the outdoor structures in tune with the rest of your building.

Flowerbed and tree installation:

Need flowers and trees on your newly installed/grown lawn? Contact us at Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt. We can plant the flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants and trees of your choice on your property. With our regular maintenance service, you can soon have a beautiful, lush lawn that’s interspersed with colorful flowers and plants.

We can also offer a mulch installation. We source premium-quality and organically grown mulch. Once added to your soil, it will provide both moisture and weed protection to your plants. Plus, it will make your softscapes look very elegant.

Bed Edging:

Shrubs, flowers, and plants without edging can look too wild and unruly. Give your lawn a complete look by having the beds edged. From simple trenches to edging made from plastic, metal or paving stones, we can do anything you want.

Sprinkler system flushing:

A sprinkler system can make lawn maintenance extremely cost-effective for your company. But over a period of time, your sprinkler can get clogged with debris from the lawn. Our qualified staff can come over and flush out any debris there is and return your sprinkler to working order.

Post hole digging:

Need new signs or fences for your commercial property? If yes, choose us for post hole digging. We will come over to inspect your property and help you choose the right places for post/fence installations. We have state-of-the-art technology that can dig holes in a matter of minutes.

Debris removal:

Debris is an after-effect of a construction project. But strewing the debris around the property can make it a safety hazard for visitors, employees, and customers. At Ruben’s Landscape and Asphalt, we can come over to your building, clear the debris and relocate it elsewhere.

We are very eco-friendly in our approach and you can trust us for responsibly disposing-off the debris. We are a landscaping & construction company based out of Bellingham. But we also serve Birch Bay, Mt. Vernon, Blaine, Ferndale, Custer, and Lynden. In addition to these, we keep adding new services to our list. Feel free to give us a call to enquire about any other service that is not mentioned here.

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